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Album Review: The Lion’s Daughter – Future Cult

The Lion’s Daughter is an earthshaking extreme synth metal trio inspired by some seriously dark and intense moods. It took me a moment to fully appreciate their album Future Cult, but by track two, “Call the Midnight Animal,” I was hooked and dragged along helplessly like Freddy Krueger’s first victim in A Nightmare On Elm Street.

This trio truly adds meaning to genre defiance. Composed all over the place, you’ll get a mix of heart racing-horror on the keyboard with ominous perdition and damning tremolo picking that just completely seals the package. I’ve often seen Future Cult described as apocalyptic, which sounds about right, because by the album’s second half I felt like I was being taken away by a flood of synthesized sludge. The vocalist sounds like he’s swallowing melting glass over condemning riffs with a retro score that makes the whole presentation diabolically playful.

To be honest, I’m still not quite sure how to assess and dissect Future Cult, because it sounds like such an anomaly to me. I’ve heard slasher wave, but never to the degree where it sounds like two extremes that essentially contradict one another come together so effortlessly. Future Cult isn’t just a combination of slasher music with any kind of metal, it’s the radically bleak sludge and blackened doom styles that in my mind’s eye shouldn’t seamlessly mix with 80s wave harmonies, and yet The Lion’s Daughter have conceived this with such precision that I’m not sure if they’re crazy or brilliant.

In the end, I’ve determined that it’s going to take several listens to really process the full album, because there are so many things going on so quickly that have no precedent to compare them with in my recollection. All I have to go off of is how the music makes me feel and whether or not I can connect with it, which I do. The Lion’s Daughter are bizarre, surreal, and deserve credit for adjusting the creative levels in the synth metal scene to new heights. As with anything different, it takes time to get used to, but I really do think that this album is a good thing.

Future Cult will be released via Season of Mist on July 20th. You may purchase the album here.

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