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Suicidal Road Thoughts, Part I: On Tour With Suicide Forest

Arizona-based atmospheric/DSBM band Suicide Forest are currently on a 10-show, 14-day West Coast tour. We got hep to the band when our friends at Fólkvangr Records released a compilation of the band’s early demos last July entitled Descend Into Despair. In my review, I called them an example of “DSBM at its finest.”

When we did our Mid-Year Extravaganza earlier this month, I included their forthcoming self-titled debut as one of my Most Anticipated Albums of 2018. Well, spoiler alert: I’ve been fortunate enough to hear the masters, and it’s fucking brilliant. If you’re a fan of early Xasthur or Leviathan – back when they sounded tortured and depressed – you are going to lose your shit over this album when it drops later this year.

I’m guessing you’ll be able to get a sneak preview of the album if you attend any of the shows on their current run of dates. While they’re out, Suicide Forest’s bassist Z agreed to send us a few updates from the road. Here’s his first installment…

Day One

Suicide Forest’s journey north began under grey skies. This is monsoon season in Arizona, and the weather changes from a hot dry desert to a land that awakens with the first drops of rain. Desert plants that have been brown or yellow and dusty for months become green sprouts, showing off to everything around them. We were about halfway through the first day’s drive when the sky fell. The amount of rain was incredible as the new Immortal played in the background.

Flagstaff, in the mountains of northern Arizona, played host to the first show of tour. The lineup was Arizona bands from all reaches of the state. During our set I witnessed multiple mosh pits, which for me is always strange. I’m not used to moshing for our pace of atmosphere and mood. To see the crowd move like that was energizing. And in what could easily be a The Hard Times headline, our accommodations fell through, so a black metal band with no couch to sleep on took to the woods to camp for the night.

Camping in a non-Suicide Forest

Day Two

The grey skies have replaced by human made grey. The roads and expansive buildings of Los Angeles became our views. The evening was a well curated one of atmosphere, foreboding, and gloom.

Coldvoid brought the grey fog to the stage in an incredible performance and set the mood for us. This was easily the highest-energy show I have played with Suicide Forest. The exchange was real between the stage and the audience. The grey fog lingered and fed the atmosphere through all five songs, until the Jim Jones sample played through the fog to bring the show to a close. Old friends were caught up with, and new friends were made.

Live in LA

Remaining Dates:

7/19 – Sacramento – Blue Lamp Sacramento
7/21 – Roseburg – Cass Studio
7/22 – Portland – High Water Mark Lounge
7/23 – Seattle – Highline Bar
7/25 – Boise – The Shredder
7/27 – Las Vegas – The Dive Bar
7/29 – Tucson – CANS DELI

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