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Great Dark North – Northern Rundown Vol. 1

Canada’s metal scene is as vibrant as it is underappreciated. Not just the home of Kataklysm, Voivod and Strapping Young Lad, it also has a thriving underground. That is what inspired Indy Metal Vault to debut Great Dark North, you’re resource for all things Canadian and metal.

Welcome to the first Northern Rundown, where we run through the best material to come out of the Great White North this week! Well, we say this week, but as this is the first edition of Northern Rundown, we’re going to have to be playing a bit of catch-up. Here’s some of the best Canadian metal to grace our ears in the last while!


Vodnik have been kicking around long enough to build up a substantial following. The Ontario metallers are also ridiculously hard to classify, spreading across heavy music’s modern styles with ease. On their new single “Our Dread, Our Joy,” we hear them embrace their djenty side, It’s a good lead-in for their upcoming EP, slotted for release in early 2019.

For Fans Of: Tesseract, Intervals, Veil of Maya


Proving that the 2000s are nowhere close to over, Kill No Albatross bring the sort of crunch you can never get enough of. Whether it’s Kyle Collins’s soaring vocals or the scattershot drums coming courtesy of Alexander Sallas, the Speak No Evil EP is a must-hear for anyone still pining for the days when all you needed was big shoulders and a chinstrip to make it in the metal world. Just kidding, these guys have so much more to offer then mere nostalgia.

For Fans Of: Godsmack, Stone Sour, Trivium


On the heavier side, we find Ottawa’s Scar For The Wicked. If you like your metal with a nice dash of Hammer horror, you could do a lot worse. With some unnerving visuals in their video and a sound that bridge deathcore and tech-death nicely, this is mosh fodder that could make any metal venue explode like a powderkeg. Listen loudly at your own risk.

For Fans Of: Origin, Suicide Silence, Dying Fetus


For the more old-school fans, there’s Into Eternity. The power metal outfit comes from possibly the least metal corner of Canada’s great landscape; Regina, Saskatchewan. But for their flat surroundings, Into Eternity have enough variance to spare. Amanda Kiernan has a vocal range to equal that other great Canadian, Alissa White-Gluz. Living up to its name, The Siren treads a line between beautiful and monsterous. Listeners may find themselves overwhelmed with the urge to throw on a suit of armour and head out to pillage. Please, do not resist the urge. With this as your soundtrack, it’s clear that Odin would bless your endeavors. Godspeed! you mad bastards.

For Fans Of: Kamelot, Arch Enemy, The Black Dahlia Murder

All bands are available on Spotify and Apple Music. Support them, and support the Great Dark North! We’ll return to you next month, with all the Canadian metal you can clog into your eardrums. Wait till then, and stay frosty!


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