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Suicidal Road Thoughts, Part III: On the Road With Suicide Forest

Z once again checks in from the road as Suicide Forest make their way across the Pacific Northwest.

Day Seven

The journey north is nearing its end. With two more shows to go in the Pacific Northwest, I’ve been trying to absorb what I can from all the green surrounding me. The Sonoran desert that we call home is a special place and offers flora and fauna found no where else. But the continuous forests and water here are invigorating and providing a reprieve from frequent feelings of exhaustion.

[ed. note: I asked Z to send me a pic of himself and our friend Marisa of Isenordal looking grim. Dorks.]
It’s been one week of touring and I’ve already forgotten what day it is and my personal concept of time is far from what it was. I also watch as asphalt passes and lane markings begin to resemble abstract paintings. Various shades of black and white, with pops of yellow and reflective dots to provide accent. Portland soon.

Day Eight

The constant green of the recent several days has given birth to a family of shapes, clothed in shades of blues, browns, greys, and red. Pillars and striking points jut towards the sky. Strange angles and varied heights. Tall evergreen trees emerge above and around. The surrounding water and constant hills remind me of San Francisco, but Seattle has more trees and ivy sprouting from the sidewalks and hillsides.

Catching up with friends in Isenordal and making new friends in Ox Hunger, and Vouna proved to be what the tired version of me needed. This was my favorite lineup of music we have played with yet. The Highline has amazing food which had become a rarity. Spending so much time driving or being a passenger in between destinations sometimes means good food is secondary to the trip at hand. Seattle filled my belly and my heart.

Remaining Dates

7/25 – Boise – The Shredder
7/29 – Tucson – CANS DELI

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