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Suicidal Road Thoughts, Part IV: On the Road With Suicide Forest

Just as all good things must come to an end, so too must Z’s reports from the road, at least for this tour. Suicide Forest is back home in Arizona, so this will be the final (for now at least) installment of Suicidal Road Thoughts. Keep an eye out for their self-titled debut, which is due out some time later this year (possibly November?).

Most metal rental trailer plate ever?

Day Nine

Departing from the Pacific Northwest, we were greeted with continued scenic landscapes. Snow capped peaks in the distance replaced the structures from the previous days. There was a driving day between Seattle and Boise, and we set out to find a place to camp. We sat around the fire and shared stories as the moon rose and appeared between trees. There was a chill in the air as I closed my eyes.

Day Ten

The days are full on a blur now. I lost track of what day it was earlier, but now it has broadened to the drives, and the stops between shows are all blending together. This was my first time in Idaho, and after a short drive (multiple hours of an indiscernible amount) post camping we arrived in Boise. We walked in a large park and sat by the river that runs through the city. I watched as people floated by in their rafts and inter tubes. It was small glimpse between trees as they passed by, on to another adventure.

Boise bolstered my previous belief that I cannot know what to expect from a city or show. It ended amazingly with a supportive and thankful crowd. We stayed in Jackpot, Nevada for the night.

Final Day

The return to Arizona was not greeted with the same grey skies we left. Instead, it was bright, with intense sun and blue skies  occasionally dotted with floating, unmoving spots of white and grey. Clouds rolled in late in the afternoon, raising the humidity enough to make me question my desire to remain here. Home is home, however.

After a night’s rest in my own bed, Suicide Forest reconvened and practiced for a special set to be performed before the main show. It was a unique live set while a class of yoga practitioners moved through different poses with Suicide Forest providing the background. The end of tour show was magnificent and made me feel fortunate to be home in many ways. Four phenomenal bands playing late into a Sunday evening.

The whole experience has not yet sunken in, and it’s impossible to choose a single highlight. It was a unique experience and I’m finding it difficult to find just the right words to describe the experience as a whole. While rain was not what greeted our return, the desert is alive, sprigs and pops of green abound. I will rely on this energy and the memories of the adventure to acclimate back into a day job, back into a routine where playing music becomes the outlier.

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