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Album Stream: Pa Vesh En + Temple Moon – Split

Question: Has there been any other new black metal project that’s appeared over the course of the last nine months that’s anywhere near as good as Pa Vesh En?

Answer: No. No there has not. In fact, if raw black metal had the same year-end awards as they do in baseball, the one-man Belarusian project would be the consensus 2018 Rookie of the Year.

Which puts Temple Moon, the one-man Scottish project on the other side of this split, in something of an unenviable position. But I’m getting ahead of myself here…

Since debuting with the Knife Ritual demo last December, Pa Vesh En has been on an absolute tear, releasing a second demo, Dead Womb, in February, a 7″ EP called A Ghost in July, and now this split. And the nameless entity behind the project isn’t done yet, either – Church of Boneshis debut full-length, was just announced as releasing on October 12. It’s not simply his prolificness, though, that makes Pa Vesh En so remarkable. Honestly, that sort of workmate generally belies an inability to self-edit and maybe yields a few gems amid a whole lot of mediocre music. With Pa Vesh En, they’re pretty much all gems, and his half of this split continues that remarkable streak.

It’s very tempting to describe his music as sounding like a less spectral Black Cilice, but there’s more to it than that. Pa Vesh En is more ‘ghost in the fog’ than ‘spectre in chains,’ more ‘moonlight ritual on a witches’ sabbath’ than ‘Satan, sulphur, and death.’ Perhaps a bit more melodic (but no less melancholy) than his previous output, his side of this split should go a long way to raising the anticipation for Church of Bones to a fever pitch.

Temple Moon doesn’t have quite the same track record as Pa Vesh En – his only previous output is a two-song demo from this past April. Even so, his minimalist, second wave-styled paeans to nature mark Temple Moon as a band to watch. As a matter of fact, his song “Maze of Decrepit Trees” may well be the highlight of this split: almost punkish in its execution without crossing over into the dreaded ‘black-and-roll’ territory, it effectively mixes riffs and tempos to particularly dramatic effect.

Pa Vesh En/Temple Moon is now available via Iron Bonehead Records (order here). Check it out in its entirety below.

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