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Demo Review: Throne of Iron – 2018 Demo

There are only a few people I know who can weave gold out of mere thread. Tucker Thomasson (Thorr-Axe, Crowtein, Avakr) is a mad drunken genius when it comes to metal, and he is one of these people. He messaged me the same day he dropped this magical demo and he told me that he created some intriguing new music. He was joking about how silly it was, but he was clearly proud of what he accomplished. It’s been several weeks now and I’ve been waiting to see what the reaction was going to be to this new project Throne of Iron, and I have to admit that the traditional metal trend is in full swing just based on the overwhelming amount of feedback he has received. It’s quite remarkable really.

Throne of Iron is just Tucker at the moment. There may or may not be plans in the future for live shows. I cannot confirm this, but anything is possible at this point. The intention of the demo was an 80’s vibe and Dungeons and Dragons imagery. I think it’s safe to say that he succeeded in portraying his vision.

The demo consists of 3 tracks. All Dungeons and Dragons themed, of course. My initial thoughts are how simple and catchy this demo is. I’m not the only one who thinks this, and there is nothing wrong with that at all. The opening track “A Call To Adventure” begins with a nice guitar melody that would remind you of something Judas Priest would’ve written in their prime. The track picks up nice guitar progression that would get any pit moving. The vocals come in and it is unmistakably Tucker attempting clean vocals. I think he did a pretty nice job. The second track “Lichspire” begins with a mid-tempo beat and has a pretty awesome riff that you cannot believe hasn’t been written yet. This is my personal favorite track. The chorus is top notch and badass! The last track “The Allure of Silver” starts off with a somber vibe with water flowing in the background and it eventually builds into a catchy as hell riff and progression that will for sure get stuck in your head.

The second wave of CDs should be available now, but I’m pretty sure they are already sold out, so be expecting a third wave soon. Be sure to watch the official Bandcamp page linked below to order a CD when available. Go listen to this on Bandcamp and go follow all of Tucker’s bands and projects. Shout out to Thorr-Axe! Feel the Steel!

Throne of Iron Bandcamp

Throne of Iron Facebook

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