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Track Premiere: Diabolic Force – “The Circle”

Praising Hellhammer just as much as they praise Satan, Diabolic Force has returned with a second full-length assault of first-wave black metal soaked in punk, thrash, and anything else you could have found floating around the Brazilian underground in the eighties. Praise of Satan is set to be released on the unholy trinity of CD, LP, and cassette tape formats on September 14th, 2018 thanks to Hell’s Headbangers, a label that has always had a special appreciation for the raw and simple black metal of old. This raw fistful of classic blasphemies is no exception.

Today Indy Metal Vault presents a re-recording of the track “The Circle,” originally heard on Diabolic Force’s Prisoner of Wickedness demo: over seven minutes of slow and crushing Hellhammer worship with speed metal generously drizzled over the whole thing. This exercise in old-school appreciation serves as the grand finale to Praise of Satan and leaves listeners festering in the dark and candid reverberation of Brazil’s reborn extreme metal legacy. Though it’s meant to close off the album, it kicks just as much ass when heard on its own.

See for yourself by streaming “The Circle” below, and if you like what you hear, you can pre-order Praise of Satan from Hells Headbanger Records.


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