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Album Review/Premiere: Spirit Division – Forgotten Planet

[Editor’s note: Spirit Division bassist/vocalist Chris Latta is a regular contributor to Indy Metal Vault]

Indianapolis is home to many great musicians and heavy hitters from the current wave of heavy music. I think this has a lot to do with the fact that Indiana is home to many highly influential musicians and bands. Spirit Division has been around for a few years and they are about to drop their third studio album, and I think this album is going to treat them well. Forgotten Planet is different than anything they’ve done in the past and that has a lot to do with the addition of guitarist Andy Bowerman. The songwriting and tone have slightly changed, but as someone who has shared shows with this band in the past, I can say that it’s not a complete departure as Chris’s songwriting is still very noticeable. If you are a fan of Spirit Division, then you should definitely give this a listen.

The album begins with an instrumental track that shares the album title. The first track of any album always set’s my expectations for the rest of the album, and I will be honest that I felt a huge Black Sabbath vibe from the get-go. That isn’t surprising considering that Spirit Division is all about traditional/classic metal and rock and roll. The next track “Nothing to be Missed” hones in on this a bit more, as it presents and focuses on the melody of the vocals and message of the song.

Before I continue it should be mentioned that Spirit Division has always been bass eccentric, and the songwriting reflects that with bass and drum breaks that you would find in traditional blues and sometimes in jazz. Almost every track does this, and I find it interesting to say the least.

“River Rising” was one of the first singles released and it showcased one of the faster-paced songs on Forgotten Planet. It’s definitely a highlight and I’m sure it will be a crowd favorite at live shows. “The Light That Shines (When All Must Die)” slows it back down to remind you that Forgotten Planet is supposed to be closer to “True Doom” than anything else released this year. HOW DARE YOU FOR THINKING THEY WERE GOING TO SHRED YOUR FACE OFF. The next track “Seeking the Crow Witch” is an odd one and proves that they did experiment with different ways of performing and even songwriting. The vocals add an element that provides atmosphere that you wouldn’t traditionally expect from Spirit Division. My first listen was like, “Wait…What?” But with every listen I’m convinced that the bellowing was needed for this track. “Behemoth” is the next track and it’s very chill and every song after it seems to go down a very similar path. Every song after this point is very inspired by Candlemass. “Solitude” and “King of Scars” are two different takes on how Spirit Division is very comfortable with their current sound. Both are very traditional and very unique in terms of modern songwriting.

Spirit Division’s new album Forgotten Planet is an interesting blend of modern and vintage styles. No one else does what they do, and they project their unique vision and performance in their songwriting. The originality is more so an homage to the all-time greats while creating a name for themselves in the heavy community. Spirit Division takes pride in celebrating the bands who inspired them while creating something new for everyone to enjoy. Stream Forgotten Planet exclusively here on the Indy Metal Vault below!

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Be sure to attend the Album Release show on September 1st at Kumas Corner (Indianapolis Location)!

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