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Track Premiere: The Heretics Fork – “Sacrosanct Disembowelment”

The heretic’s fork was a torture device favored by the Inquisition, and it was both so simple in its construction and so effective that it’s difficult not to be at least mildly impressed. It was basically a leather strap with a two-headed, two-pronged ‘fork’ attached to it. One side went into the fleshy part under the accused’s chin, the other on the stern…well, and you can probably guess the rest. The cruelest part, though, was that the tines of the forks were deliberately not long enough to kill someone instantaneously should he or she decide enough is enough and try to end the misery. Definitely some seriously sick shit…

As far as band names go, brutal death metal outfit The Heretics Fork could not have picked a more appropriate moniker. For all intents and purposes, the band is a complete mystery. Who they are, where they’re from, whether they’re a band or a solo project – there are some kvlt black metal bands that could take lessons on how to be anonymous from this band. However, their debut album Tormentore, which is due out October 31 on P2 Records, will definitely put them on the radar of a certain breed of death metal fan.

The musical template The Heretics Fork uses will be familiar to anyone who’s ever listened to the likes of Devourment, Disgorge, Guttural Secrete, etc. Impossibly downtrend riffs, inhumanly guttural vocals, and wall-to-wall blast beats. In other words, some seriously sick shit.

I’ll be honest here – as a genre, brutal death metal generally doesn’t do that much for me. There’s something about Tormentore, though, that totally works. My guess? The snare sound, which is dry enough to leave your eardrums chapped after prolonged listens. We’re thrilled to be premiering “Sacrosanct Disembowelment” here today at the Vault, which is just as batshit and barbaric as its title would suggest.

Now I’m sure you don’t want to keep reading me ramble on about how sick The Heretics Fork is – you just want to listen to the damn song. If you’re sure that you’re ready for the beatdown it’s going to deliver, check it out below.

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