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Track Premiere: Boethiah – “Charting the Unknown”

Space…the Final Frontier…

Ever since Shatner first uttered that now-famous phrase in 1966, mankind has thought of the cosmic vacuum of space as the last corner of existence not yet charted or explored by man. But what if that’s not really the case? What if, way out in the void, there were dimensions and realities not only beyond our reach, but beyond our very capability to comprehend? Boethiah explore this idea on their new EP Celestial Gateway. The band take their Lovecraft-inspired death metal out further than any man has ever gone, and it’s a pretty bumpy trip.

Today, we’re excited to be sharing with you a taste of what this new EP has to offer in the form of “Charting the Unknown.” Despite the esoteric and cosmic themes running throughout the EP, the music itself is just as cavernous and dirty as you’d hope. The chainsaw-roar riffs are as chunky and rancid as Satan’s stool sample, and the vocals sound every bit like the eldritch abomination they’re portraying.

If this sounds like your groove, you can stream the new song below, and then pre-order yourCD  copy from Rotted Life Records here, Boethiah’s Bandcamp page here, or on cassette from Camo Pants Records here.


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