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Video Premiere: Windfaerer – “Journey”

Windfaerer have always been one of those bands that get it just right every time. They strike a beautiful balance between aggressive blackened metal and traditional Celtic folk music. The most obvious comparison to make would be Saor, but where Saor’s music is gentle and tender, Windfaerer sound like a battle of Braveheart-ian proportions. But don’t let its violent nature fool you; Windfaerer’s music is every bit as beautiful and compelling as any of their contemporaries. The traditional Celtic instruments inspire feelings of wonder and awe as they soar over top of blackened riffs and furious blastbeats.

The band’s latest album Alma is now out in the world, and to celebrate we’re pleased to present to you this video for the song “Journey.” Made out of footage compiled during the band members’ travels, the video is six minutes of beautiful folk metal set to a backdrop of ancient woods and scenic destinations.

Watch the video below, and then pick up a copy on CD and LP from Avantgarde Music, or on tape via our friends at Folkvàngr Records

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