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Album Review: Reinfection-They Die For Nothing

Re-releases tend to play it safe in most circumstances, relying upon the idea of remastering and upgrading the original record’s production and appeal to insure its sale. In all of my time within the realm of extreme metal, however, one genre has never played it safe. One genre has never failed the underground with any band under its name, nor has it ever strived for mainstream appeal. That genre being some good ol’ brutal goregrind. See, They Die For Nothing is simply a re-release, without any sugarcoating to disguise it. The tracks haven’t received a single touch up in the 18 years they’ve been around; the only difference is the sole factor that this indigestible sonic mess of brutality is once more officially available to the public.  


The term “brutal” tends to be abused quite harshly nowadays. Any scene kid who dwells within the corner of your school library listening to Carnifex and BMTH shall use that term as they please without a shred of knowledge pertaining to its actual definition.  I’m fed up with this abuse, this battery of true musical brutality. So what does the term really mean? It means having songs with titles such as “Skin Torn Off The Genitals” and “An Institute of Blood Anatomy.” It means layers of revolting guttural formats native to the realm of Slam, Grindcore, and Old School Death Metal being cut open and reassembled together against their will, their agony being transcribed via the grotesque nature of their conception. It means pinch harmonics. It means blastbeats, blastbeats, and even more fucking blastbeats. They Die For Nothing is the real deal; this is the seed responsible for what we now call extreme metal.                

Although Reinfection is currently a trio, they were a four-piece up to the 2000 release of They Die For Nothing. The lineup consisted of Martin on guitars, Michał on bass, Młody on drums, and Rudolph on vocals. The record is simply composed of these elements. Not one millisecond of time on the record is wasted on any form of intro track, any samples, any form of unnecessary distraction. This is the mark of true musicianship, true confidence in their ability to persist in brutality all the way through.

The gutturals, as I’ve already stated, take inspiration throughout the geography of extreme metal; the various stylings bring forth a breath of fresh air into a variety of areas that would otherwise feel underdeveloped. The guitar and bass work conform to this concept as well, not limiting themselves to the standard riff formulas from merely one particular sub-genre. From the chugging palm mutes of the brutal death terrain to even sludge-based riffs at times, both Martin and Michał continue to outdo themselves consistently as the tracklist progresses. The drum work is also superb; Młody also cycles through various extreme metal influences to incorporate them throughout the record. The drums accomplish quite a bit composition wise, coming to the aid of a perhaps tired riff in need of a push, or laying down a false state of security before an ultra heavy segment (although, realistically, there’s never a moment of safety to found within the record).


It’s truly astounding; They Die For Nothing has undertaken eighteen years of age.  The astounding factor isn’t rooted in the standard spiel regarding the record’s apparent influence and legacy (which, mind you, it still has), nor is it due to the mere factor of time’s relentless pursuit.  Rather, it’s the contrary. See, I really want to give Reinfection props for how many boundaries they decimated musically, as it should’ve influenced quite the crowd of up and coming extreme metal bands. The problem is, however, that I’ve rarely heard anything as of late come close to how brutal this record is.  Many a band has attempted to replicate this sound; the being of undeniable chaos and brutality. Yet, rarely anybody has come close to this masterpiece. The influence is too great to be measured, too brutal to be recognized. If one desires to witness the being of an untouchable legacy, one unreachable by modern bands, look no further.  

They Die For Nothing is available NOW through Deformeathing Productions.  Go buy it, man!

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