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Track Premiere: Barús – “Engorge”

Have you ever Googled tunnel boring machines? They’re nuts. You should definitely look into them….or you could just listen to Barús, it’s pretty much the same thing. Barús come by way of France to absolutely demolish everything in their path with a rather unique blend of styles, and honestly, it’s a little frightening.

Within the first two minutes of the band’s upcoming debut album, Drowned, you’ll hear tinges of Gojira, Triptykon, Gorguts, and shit, even a little Shaarimoth. Anarchy! The band’s label, Memento Mori, described the band in their promo material as “Autopsy reinterpreted by Meshuggah,” and that’s just too good not to quote them on. Needless to say, there’s a lot going on with Drowned, but it somehow manages to hold itself together. This is a tight 56 minutes of churning, grinding, destructive death metal.

I do not use the word “destructive” lightly here. The overall weight of this album is so oppressively heavy, it’s almost Lovecraftian in its grandeur yet simultaneously claustrophobic. Some of the riffs I swear could not be more unstoppable if there were actual hydraulics behind them, and even the more atmospheric passages perfectly contribute to the album’s cavernous conquest.

Today we have the morbid pleasure of debuting a new single from the record, “Engorge.” The track opens with one of the more furious riffs on the album before dropping into a quiet, bass-picking section that lulls you into a false sense of security. The heaviness soon returns in a chaotic frenzy and builds to a lumbering finish that is nothing short of terrifying. You’ll also get a taste on this track of the amazing vocal styles that are found throughout Drowned as they range from deep, guttural growls to barking, anguished semi-cleans. Check out “Engorge” below, collect yourself off the floor, then don’t forget to pick up Drowned when Barús unleash it next month.

Drowned will be released October 22nd on Memento Mori Records.

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