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Track Premiere: Sex Messiah – “Nuclear Armageddon”

If you’re going to call your band Sex Messiah, you’d better be able to back that shit up.

Fortunately, guitarist Moenos has been doing exactly that for a decade now. She and her frequently shifting lineup of co-conspirator–which currently includes longtime vocalist Sadistic Blasphemer, bassist Sodom Survivor, and recently added drummer Abaddrums Doom Grinder–have spent the better part of the last ten years banging out a series of splits and EPs in an inimitable metalpunk style that’s as difficult to classify as it is badass. As might be expected, the Japanese foursome have a health dose of GISM-style Japanese punk in their sound, but there’s also a pronounced first wave black metal/blackened thrash a la Sabbat influence as well. Throw in a dash of old-school South American bestial black metal and a series of industrial noise-influenced interludes and intros, and you’ve basically got the recipe for their long-awaited first full-length Eastern Cult of Sodomy.

Due out on vinyl on October 15 from Nuclear War Now! Productions (preorder here), Eastern Cult of Sodomy is raw, relentless, and sounds like it could go completely off the rails at any second. Both a promise of danger and a suggestion of violence are embedded in the music’s DNA, and we’re excited to be sharing it’s closing track “Nuclear Armageddon” with our loyal Vault Hunters today. After a brief guitar-only intro, the song rarely lets up on either the tempo or the intensity for the rest of its almost four-minute run time. Moenos rips off a pair of gnarly guitar solos on the track, the second of which explodes (climaxes?) in a brief shower of white noise before the main riff comes charging back in.

There are two things I can guarantee are going to happen after you hit play below. First, “Nuclear Armageddon” is going to leave to totally spent. Second, after a short…um, refractory period, you’re going to want to hit that play button again…

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