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Album Review: Psychlona – Mojo Rising

Though this style of music is fairly new to me, I don’t think I’ve come across another band that is more “desert” rock than Psychlona.  The vibrations that blast the ozone coming from Mojo Rising could not have a dryer sound, and almost paints images of wild sandstorms in my mind.  Mojo Rising is this English band’s debut album and is set to come out on November 30, 2018. The baked and dirty environment as well as the fact that this beast almost clocks in at an hour very much makes it a grower, and the correct mood is required to fully understand what the band is trying to do.

If you took away the metallic riffs of doom metal, but left the heavy bottom, and brightened up the aura, you’d get Mojo Rising. Clearly, this means that there’s gonna be some fuzz and an overall slower pace, but it isn’t dark in the slightest. Songs like “Big River” emphasize major scales and higher notes to drive the rhythm.  It’s like a sunny day with a lot of fog on the roads. Lower tuned, minor scales make their appearances here and there as well to give it a little more complexity, and keep this album from getting stale too quick.  All of these ingredients make a grand smoothie of psychedelic rock riffs, and reflect the styles of Cream, but heavier.

The biggest downfall here is how precise of a mood is required for this to fully resonate.  Two listens didn’t even quite sell me on it, but after giving it a try in a more laid back setting (basically not while driving or working), it came as something to get lost in.  The punchy bass guitar winds up taking precedence over everything and creates smooth paths for all of the instrumentation and vocals to follow, enveloping the whole thing in a soothing way.  Once that’s achieved, it’s extremely relaxing and the concept clicks.

Pinpointing an exact audience for this would be super tough, but I foresee this being an album that you either love or hate.  It would be a little better if there were some more ingredients thrown in, but people who love slower buzzing guitars with a heavier edge and a psychedelic feel are gonna be all about this.  For the ideal experience, go in with no distractions and the bass turned up, because that carries the majority of the weight.

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