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Album Review: EHFAR – Everything Happens For A Reason

Everything Happens For A Reason area an alternative rock band formed in Italy, and their debut self titled album just hit the scene a few weeks ago.  For the sake of not being a mouthful, EHFAR is used in short. Clearly the musicians involved have a solid background, because it’s rare that a record that’s this inconsistent can flow so well and contain such a dynamic feel.  There are heavy hitters that border along the lines of metal, melodic softees that have a very welcoming feel, and complex numbers that may tickle the fancy of prog goers. Whatever the case, there’s a lot to be taken in.

It’s without a doubt that the band was trying to keep the listener on their toes.  The heavier tracks are shuffled in, and it’s very seldom that back-to-back song structures make appearances.  Other times, a song might do it all at once. “Once Upon A Time” starts out with such a calm and clean riff that almost sounds like it’s gonna break into Third Eye Blind territory, but much to our surprise, it toughens up and reaches more into a grungy, Soundgarden like song.  The rhythm patterns in EHFAR are very interesting, as they don’t follow typical time signatures, which definitely shows more in the heavier songs. “Night After Night” probably shows this bouncy feature the most.

A word that is very fitting for the whole work, no matter the approach taken, is soothing.  Whinier guitars that draw out a gazey atmosphere backed with fast clicking drums and staccato injected bass lines are another key ingredient to the batter.  Something about how this all goes together feels so liberating. The chord progressions of “Someone Save Me” exaggerate this to an even greater level, especially when vocal harmonics are laid atop of the guitar solo with epic drum fills in the background.

I’d be lying if I said that it ended there.  Once in awhile, there are tinted moments of eeriness that make their way in.  The opening track “Shout My Name” laid this on pretty hard, and actually made me skeptical at first, but it was super necessary for the resolution that the song was leading to.  The vocal style here definitely adds to this when the songs take a more minor tone. “Victims” is another one that does that, and what’s nice about these tracks is that even though they have a grunge and ‘90s alternative touch to the vocals, they aren’t typical at all.  Originality at its best.

Epic, emotional, atmospheric, complex, heavy, soothing, and eerie are all appropriate descriptions of what EHFAR are all about.  Truthfully, this should be heard by anybody that is into alleviating rock music that incorporates harder chugs and unique instrumentation.  There’s a ton of emotion packed into this relatively short release, and the ability to weave such a vast amount of influences into one disc is quite impressive.  Fans of Soundgarden, Muse, Sponge, and Dream Theater are probably gonna dig this. The best way to get ahold of it is to contact the band or find them on Facebook, because it’s a tough one to come across.  

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Mishka Mistry
Mishka Mistry October 4, 2018 at 11:49 am

2nd best song with that title I’m afraid!


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