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Track Premiere: Vuohi -“ZiT”

‘Vuohi’ is the Finnish word for ‘goat.’ Armed with that knowledge, most of our loyal Vault Hunters who know a thing or two about a thing or two probably just did a bit of mental arithmetic and came up with the equation ‘Finnish band + ‘Goat’ = WAR METAL.’

It’s a reasonable guess. Wrong, but…you know, totally reasonable.

Lahti-based quartet Vuohi actually began their existence back in 2002 as a deathgrind band, but somewhere over the course of the last fifteen year, their sound has evolved (as they describe it on their Facebook page) into a sort of “hateful and melancholic occult deathrash black metal grinding for Bafomet’s glory.” Doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue, but it is pretty damned accurate…

Or, if you’re more into the whole brevity thing, it might be easier to describe Witchcraft Warfare, the band’s LONG-awaited debut album, as being in a similar vein as early Impaled Nazarene: harsh, nasty blasts of grinding black metal. The seven songs that make up Witchcraft Warfare’s whirlwind 27-minute run time are as precise in their execution as they are scathing, with production just clear enough that you can feel each distinct blow as it lands.

Witchcraft Warfare will be available on November 9 from Saturnal Records (preorder here). Check out its closing track “ZiT” below, and when you’re able to pick yourself back up off the floor, make sure to head over and grab yourself a copy.

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