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Album Review: Psychostick-DO

ATTENTION MEN, LADIES, BABIES, DOGOS, KITTERS, AND EVERYTHING WITH LISTENING HOLES ON THE SIDES OF YOUR CRANIUMS! We have a very dumb album review for you today. We have DO, the brand new album from Psychostick, here and I’m going to tell you how dumb it is! I’m going to attempt to take it as seriously as I can while remaining as dumb as I can (because I’m dumb). Seriously though, please read below and let me tell you what I think about it.

I’ve been a huge Psychostick fan from the very beginning, and when I heard about them dropping a new album I kind of lost my shit with excitement. The new album is called DO. It consists of 22 tracks, and let me tell you that there is quite a variety of tracks on this album. In case you don’t know who they are (because you’ve been living under a rock) they are a comedy metal band, and I would go so far to say that no one will ever top them in terms of authenticity and quality. I think what makes them successful is that they are very real with the lyrics. But what no one ever addresses is that they are masters of creating songs about [insert subject here] and then they add other elements that refers to other things completely unrelated to the main subject matter. A quick example is that there is a track on this album called “Rent in Peace” and it’s about how kids will never know what Blockbuster is, but they created the song in a style similar to (Rock era) Metallica, and even end the song is practically the end of “The Memory Remains.” 

Psychostick usually picks a theme for every album. In the past they’ve covered Food and Movies, but this album leans towards the struggles of life. Tracks likes “Adulting” and “Keys” are two examples of this life struggle theme. Don’t worry though because they’ve added band themes and food into this album as well.

Here is what we’re going to do. I’m going to address each track individually because that’s the only way to give them any justice. Attention, this point forward contains spoilers.

  1. We Are a Band: This track is very typical in the sense that every PS album addresses that they are a band. It starts with a very epic symphonic background with Rob shouting they are a band until he receives a phone call in the track. I found it to be very entertaining.
  2. You Can (Maybe) Do It: This track is probably the most serious song on the album as it addresses mental issues. It’s not a serious song by any means, but you can definitely relate to the people they are talking about. This track probably has the best guitars riffs on the whole album. Josh has definitely expanded on his heavy skills.
  3. Tuesday: To be honest, this is the very far spectrum of Psychostick‘s silly side. “Tuesday” will have you screaming at your co-workers on Tuesday. “TUESDAY, TUESDAY, I LIKE TUESDAY! I LIKE TUESDAY! WHICH IS TUESDAY!” Yeah, people will hate you for the existence of this song.
  4. Adulting: This track is Psychostick at it’s purest form. They address the struggles of making living, and what makes this track great is the variety of puns and things they mention in the song. For instance, they talk about people leaving mean comments about them trying to make money from cute cat videos and succeeding at it. This track is #woke.
  5.  From the Heart: The ballad of the album. Kinda. Haha! It’s about a dude who obviously hates someone with a fiery passion. I can say more, but I will move on with one line of lyrics. “I hope you develop an allergy to sex!”
  6. DO: This track literally contains nothing of value (lyrically speaking). That’s not a bad thing. It’s just about DO. This is a very silly song, and it’s fun to sing. Only Psychostick can get away with making a song like this.
  7. Got_no_breaks_demo.Wav: They are trying something new by recording a recording of a song of a song. Damn it Psychostick. But it’s pretty much an argument about whether boats have brakes. Nuff said.
  8. Introvert Party Time: It’s a spin-off of a Andrew WK song by describing introverts and their hatred for being social. I’m sad to say that this is probably the weakest track of the album. There are people who will relate to this song though. The only thing I took from this song is whether I want “piss or piss light.” Listen to the track to understand.
  9. Thinkin’ with Yer D: This is my second favorite track and for obvious reasons. It’s completely ridiculous, but somehow funny as hell. The guitars are really fun and the lyrics are absurd. This is in the same vein as their “Bruce Campbell” track from their last album.
  10. Uncle Material: It’s a song about babies. The song describes that thought you have when you see a lot of people you went to high school with who are having kids and YOU ARE NOT. The concept is hilarious, but the music is just kinda “okay.”
  11. Bacon, Egg, & Cheese on Toast W / Sriracha: Yep, that’s it. My favorite song on the whole album. I’m hungry.
  12. Uhhhnngg: Ever seen a live band who wears a lot of eyeliner and announce every song and the meaning before they play, but in an extremely depressed way? Yep, Psychostick is making fun of them. Reminds me a lot of something you would see in Scott Pilgrim.
  13. Stream Stutter: This is suppose to be the sad song of the album. It’s extremely sad. It will make you cry. You all know that feeling when your significant other watches an entire season of a TV show you were watching together without you being there. They drop the names of several major TV series, but in a way to tell the story. Puns, they are everywhere in this song.
  14. Got_no_breaks_mix_ver3.Wav: Part two to the argument from earlier. This takes that argument and turns it into everyone wanting to solo at the same time and Rob gets pissed. Funny stuff.
  15. Socks & Sandals (Pajama Pants): I thinks this song describes anyone at Walmart at any time of the day. It’s pretty catchy and the vocals and songwriting is pretty complex. Very proggy. SOCKS AND SANDALS AND PAJAMA PANTS.
  16. Keys: After the first listen this reminded me a lot of a track from their 3rd studio album Sandwich called “Girl Directions.” It starts off very calm, but instantly goes from 0 to OH SHIT very quick. Gives me anxiety.
  17. Gurrrrrr: Making fun of Grindcore is fun.
  18. Moving Day: This is the longest track on the album besides the outtakes track. It’s about the horrors of moving. It reminds me of something Marylin Manson would do. It’s a very fun song.
  19. Rent in Peace: This is the Rock-era Metallica song I mentioned earlier. It’s all about missing Blockbuster. God, I’m about to cry thinking about this song.
  20. Got_no_brakes_finalmix03_final07.Wav: This is the conclusion of the previous two tracks where everything comes together. You will have to listen to understand it.
  21. Outtakes: Episode V: Outtakes Strike Back: This is something they do on every album. It’s wonderful and it never disappoints.

I hope you enjoyed this review. I’m tired and want to go to bed. Go Buy DO everywhere now!
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