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Track Premiere: Rauhnåcht – “Zwizchen den Jahren”

And now for something…completely different. And yet not really all that different at all…

Somehow, today has ended up being pagan black metal day here at the Vault. Or in this case, using the terminology that Stefan Traunmüller, the musician behind Austrian project Rauhnåcht, prefers, we’ve got some ‘Alpine Black Metal’ for our loyal Vault Hunters. Much like the Appalachian Black Metal bands here in the US, Traunmüller infuses Rauhnåcht’s black metal with elements of the mountainous region’s native folk music. Like many of the Appalachian bands, he also eschews the usual lyrical themes of black metal. As he puts it in the ‘Genre’ section of band’s Facebook page, “Alpine Black Metal (describes the music, but it should be stated that Rauhnåcht disagrees with the lyrical contents that are commonly presented within Black Metal. Rauhnåcht reflects life-affirming spiritualism).”

That, however, is where the similarities to the Appalachian bands ends. Much of the folk music from that part of the US tends to be somber. That’s just about the last word I’d use to describe “Zwizchen den Jahren,” the opening track from Rauhnåcht’s third full-length Unterm Gipfelthron, which will be available from Debemur Morti Productions on December 7 (preorder here). I never imagined I’d be using words like ‘sprightly’ or ‘jaunty’ to describe anything on these virtual pages, but the male choir and woodwind melody that appear throughout the song thoroughly deserve the designations. Even the thrashy mid-section of the song possesses a certain dark buoyancy (is that a thing? I guess it is now), and the straight-up dark sections feel almost operatically dramatic.

In other words, it’s quite a song – we’re thrilled to be premiering it below.

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