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Glacial Tomb-Glacial Tomb

Glacial Tomb, a project featuring Ben Hutcherson of Khemmis, follows a completely different path musically than his main band. Instead of melodic riffs and increasing guitar duels, the listener is served a mix of d-beat, death metal, hardcore and death metal, with an edge of melody.

The band served us an EP called Cognitive Erosion last year, but has until today surfed under my radar. That release could be characterized as a genre-bending story with components of grind and sludgy doom, and a portion of black and death metal. The self-titled LP, released via Gilead Media (order a copy here), is born out of suffering, caused by the loss of family members and partners. It’s part of life’s relentless brutality to lose kin. However, it’s also a record born out of hope since the band has a genuine belief that the human could cast aside greed and selfishness.

First song “Monolithos” starts with a characteristic US death metal sound in the vein of Cannibal Corpse before entering into the sound of more melodic stuff. The vocals are harsh and delivered with an merciless attitude.The tempo shifting constantly during the song. A good start. Next song ” Breath Of Pestilence,” a black metal-influenced monster with an epic d-beat tendency in the beginning, sounds something like the band Craft minus the DM-vocals. The vocals are a savaged, deranged beast roaring like a bulldozer style and could easily scare the shit out of you.

To say that the songs on the album are dynamic may be an understatement and the band deliver both crushing depression and horrifying craziness.The technical performance is impressive, and the music is well produced with a bone-breaking punishment that leaves me longing for more.

Lets unleash the beast.




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thehumanoptimist October 19, 2018 at 10:49 am

@glacialtomb Got me excited and thought it was an album stream


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