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Track Premiere: Suffering Quota – “Apathy”

It’s been a little over a year since last we heard from Dutch grinders Suffering Quota. Last September, in fact, when they released a split 7″ with countrymen My Mind’s Mine. When I reviewed said split, I said that it inspired a “‘totally lost my shit’ level” reaction in the grind-loving part of my brain. So when we were offered a chance to premiere a song from their forthcoming full-length Life in Disgust, I didn’t have to think about it once, much less twice.

As tends to happen with grind bands from one release to the next, there’s been some definite growth in Suffering Quota’s sound since last year’s split, though I wouldn’t necessarily hit them with the dreaded ‘mature’ tag. Their brand of crust-infused grind is as nasty as ever, with vocalist Gerald Timmermans sounding positively feral and drummer Martin Kah still flailing away at his kit like he’s sprouted at least one extra set of arms. This time around, though, guitarist René Beukers and bassist Stiff Marron inject a lot more death metal into the band’s already dynamic sound, resulting in some longer songs with more complex and occasionally nuanced structures.

Today we’re stoked to be premiering “Apathy” here at the Vault. The longest song on Life in Disgust, it’s the perfect showcase of how much the band’s sound has evolved in the last year. According to Timmermans:

The album, to me, really is an expansion on the standard grind, death metal and crust sound, and this song is a clean cut example of that. You can obviously hear that the song is rooted in these genres, but it goes further than just that, which makes it an interesting and dynamic listening experience. Lyrically, on the album I used human emotions and states of mind, to look into the current state of the world and political climate. This song is about the lack of empathy certain people in power seem to have, completely ignoring that their policies and decision making has effect on actual people. Hence the title “Apathy.”

Life in Disgust will be available on November 2. Depending on your part of the world it can be ordered from Dawnbreed Records, 7Degrees Records, Tartarus Records, Loner Cult Records, or Mono Canibal Records. In the meantime, get crushed by “Apathy” below.

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