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Track Premiere: Pannychida – “Subsistence Will”

Prediction: it won’t take very long after hitting play on the YouTube embed of “Subsistence Will” below for our loyal Vault Hunters to come to the conclusion that Pannychida are really good at the whole 90s death metal thing. Well…there’s a reason for that – the Russian outfit actually formed back in 1992 and released a pair of full-lengths before the turn of the millennium. However, things have been awfully quiet on the Pannychida front since the release of their third album New World’s End in 2006. After toiling for three years in the studio, the Tatarstan-based quintet, who take their name from an all-night memorial service in the Eastern Orthodox church, are finally back with Missense Mutation, which drops on Halloween. Twelve years is a long time to wait between albums, but if you’re into being bludgeoned by your death metal, it was definitely worth it.

“Subsistence Will,”which we’re premiering here today at the Vault, perfectly encapsulates what makes Pannychida’s approach to the genre so satisfying. While the song may start off sounding like a bit of standard-issue Pestilence worship, guitarists Konstantin Chetverikov and Elena Trishina are capable of deftly throwing little surprise into their riffs–a harmonic here, a bit of stop-start there–to keep listeners on their toes. Bassist Stanislav Korchagin gets his moments to shine as well, with a couple of drop-out sections that showcase his jazzy lines.

Missense Mutation will be available on October 31 from Satanath Records (preorder here) and More Hate Productions (preorder here). Go grab a copy, and enjoy our stream of “Subsistence Will” below.

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