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Track Premiere: Abigorum – “Vortex Cathedral’s Shadow”

I almost never find myself at a loss for words. However, that’s exactly where I find myself when trying to figure out where to start trying to talk about Abigorum. The solo project of Satanath Records boss Aleksey Korolyov, he describes the music as black/ambient/doom metal. However, that doesn’t even come close to describing the unearthly, industrial-fueled nightmare-scapes that he and guest vocalist Abstrusus from Belgian black metal band Absolutus have conjured up on their half of Spectral Shadows, their forthcoming split with Sin Nanna’s now ‘Blackwave’ project Striborg.

Since ‘damn…I have no clue how to describe this’ really doesn’t work in a track premiere, this equation might do the trick:

[dark ambient] + [industrial drum programming a la Anaal Nathrakh] + [hallucinogenic black/death riffs similar to the more overtly druggy Mystískaos collective projects] + [eerie, monotone vocals reminiscent of a band like Emptiness] + [other random what-the-fuckery] = Abigorum.

Yeah…it’s far from perfect. Unlike his previous releases, there are relatively few moments on Spectral Shadows that reach Anaal Nathrakh-level blasting. That last bit is something of a cop-out as well, but it’s impossible to account for every variable in these songs. For example, “Vortex Cathedral’s Shadow,” which we’re premiering here today, starts off with a drum loop that sounds like it was programmed specifically for belly dancing. Then when the song proper kicks in, it’s a bit like that hypothetical belly dancer peeled off her face to reveal that she’s actually some kind of lizard-human hybrid who then spits a toxin that leaves you paralyzed, unable to anything but watch as she slowly cuts off, grills, and devours strips of your flesh. Or something. Anyway…my point is that this some seriously fucking unsettling music.

Spectral Shadows will be available on November 6 from Satanath Records/GrimmDistribution (preorder here), and Death Portal Studio (watch their webstore here). Go pick one up after checking out “Vortex Cathedral’s Shadow” below.

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