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Album Review: Flight – A Leap Through Matter

Bands that throw back to the ‘70s style of heavy metal are always gonna draw me right on in.  Bands that throw back to the ‘70s style of heavy metal and produce it very well while piling on some tasty toppings are gonna make it stick like duct tape. Flight do exactly this with their upcoming sophomore album titled A Leap Through Matter. Musically, it sits right along that border of heavy metal, as the riffs are written in the metal style, but it’s softened in tone. Picture the friendlier vibes of Thin Lizzy with the energy of Iron Maiden’s debut album, and Satan’s vocalist dialed back some.

Before anything else, the production job on A Leap Through Matter deserves recognition of its own. The bass can be heard at the perfect volume, doubling down with the rhythm guitar to make for an incredible foundation. Even though the riffs themselves are heavy, it’s almost entirely played in major scales, keeping the positive energy at an all time high.  he lead guitar also stands out significantly, mostly because of the tone used in the solos. These solos echo some of the softest and smoothest playing that manages to still contain a decent amount of energy.

The mind blowing doesn’t stop there. The way that the vocals are pressed into the mix smear the ultimate layer of icing on the cake. Let alone the fact that there is so much melody and order to the voice; the frontman’s voice has such a pure sound that it almost incorporates harmony within itself. Of course, certain times the band backs him as well. “The Pendulum” is one of my favorite examples of this, especially when operatic hums are implemented to coincide with the beyond catchy guitar doodles.

Faster and slower songs can be found here, preventing A Leap Through Matter from seeming formulaic.  In fact, the title track is definitely one of the faster ones. It uses all methods described, but bursts through with borderline speed metal rhythms, as always staying true to its clean form. My oh my is there ever a lot to get from here! The only thing that I don’t think I’ve touched on is the genius way that the guitar is used as transition and introduces effects here and there. “Ride On” is a good example, as the instrumentation dances around a little more, but really every track does this.

Flight are easily going to make my top three of the year list, and there isn’t a single bad song on their sophomore effort.  I truly can’t get descriptive enough and have to resort to telling you to check this out for yourself. Let these spacey lightened lyrics carry you away, especially if you dig bands like Thin Lizzy, Blue Oyster Cult, Judas Priest, Nazareth, or Lucifer’s Friend. Right up there with Sundrifter’s Visitations for me.

A Leap Through Matter will be released on November 23, 2018 through High Roller Records.  

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