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EP Review: Siniestro – Arctic Blood

Though Siniestro are labeled a blackened thrash band, it’s not quite as cut and dry as that, even though their upcoming EP Arctic Blood doesn’t even reach the ten minute mark.  This Swedish act mixes death metal feels that reside in the more melo-death realm with their thrashy riffs, overlayed by blackened shrieks. Musically, the songs themselves are quite good, but with such a short run time, it will leave you wanting more.  Moreover, they still manage to be a bit inconsistent in a pretty awkward way.

Arctic Blood can be split into two halves. The first two tracks, “Arctic Blood” and “Pestan,” don’t even hit the two minute mark, and are exactly what you’d expect; straight to the point speed balls of thrash with blistering dark vocal work.  The other two tracks are completely different. “Exitium Vivorum Omnes” starts with an acoustic guitar and delivers a chorus driven track with a melodic death metal structure, and “Strength & Pride” starts off this way but closes with a more traditional black metal feel.  Ya know, the blast beats and high shrieks. So there’s no real direction.

As I said, these tracks alone are pretty good, and would be neat as four singles released as seven-inches, but together they have an odd flow, and it seems way too open ended.  It’s like a fast fling with no closure, and there wasn’t much direction. No reason to not see for yourself, as it literally isn’t even a ten minute listen. Arctic Blood will be released on December 10th through Black Lion Records, and can be found on their Bandcamp page.  Stocking stuffer perhaps?

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