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Track Premiere: Othismos – “Canto dell’Estinzione”

“Song of the End” – that’s the translation of “Canto dell’Estinzione.” It’s an odd name for an opening track, but it occupies the first slot on Separazione, the second full-length (and fourth release overall) from Italy’s Othismos. However, the further one gets into the nihilistic quartet’s new album, the more appropriate the sentiment seems. After all, the band is quoted in the promotional materials as saying that Separazione is their “soundtrack to the downfall of human civilization.” Where else would you begin something like that except at the end?

Musically, Othismos don’t fit neatly into any one category. “Canto dell’Estinzione,” which we’re premiering here today at the Vault, owes a clear stylistic debt to the band’s hardcore punk roots, but they’re incorporating a much wider range of influences these days, from crust to black metal to post-metal to stoner punk. The end result? The musical equivalent of an anxiety attack: dark, claustrophobic, and cumbersome – resting heavy in the middle of your chest. It’s also hateful in the way that only someone who’s lost all hope can hate, and we couldn’t be more pleased to be able to present it to our loyal Vault Hunters.

When asked for a few words about the track, the band offered:

We have chosen “Canto dell’Estinzione” as the album opener because from both a musical and a lyrical point of view, it can be seen as the most representative piece on the album. It embodies our evolution from a hardcore-punk background towards more metallic sounds, often akin to black metal.
“Canto dell’Estinzione” also exemplifies the general concept behind the record: the uselessness of life, the deception of hope, the emptiness that awaits us all and that we are bound to embrace, without distinction. No matter who we are or what we do in life, everything is pointless. All is nothing but a distraction from what awaits us: oblivion, nothingness.
However, such concept might also imply a somewhat optimistic interpretation: everything in life is irrelevant and frivolous, so we should take everything more lightly, even tragedies.
How do you live, knowing you have to die?

Separazione will be available on December 7 directly from the Othismos Bandcamp page. Grab a digital preorder after streaming “Canto dell’Estinzione” below.

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