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Track Premiere: Deth Crux – “Spectral Other”

Those among our loyal Vault Hunters with particularly long memories may recall that all the way back in January, I wrote an installment of our “A Beginner’s Guide To…” column on gothic/post-punk. Bands like Bauhaus, The Cure, Sisters of Mercy, and Joy Division were an integral part of my miserable high school years, and I still revisit them often, unlike a lot of other bands I was listening to at the time (R.E.M. and The Church immediately spins to mind). In some instances, my appreciation for certain bands has actually increased over the years – especially Bauhaus. So whenever I hear a band that displays any sort of Bauhaus influence, I tend to flip my shit.

Los Angeles-based Deth Crux definitely has a Bauhaus influence. The deathrock quintet, which features members of doom legends Buried at Sea and black/death metallers Lightning Swords of Death within its ranks, hits a sweet spot somewhere between early Bauhaus and Christian Death on their debut long-player Mutant Flesh, and sweet mother of fuck is it glorious. A ‘punk opera’ based on the grimy neon underbelly of LA, the album positively drips with sex, Satan, and almost every other possible sin one might imagine. It’s as seductive as it is dark, and Sanford Parker’s always stellar production job makes the whole thing shimmer like the reflection of a traffic light on the blacktop after a heavy rain.

We’re thrilled to be premiering “Spectral Other,” one of the sultrier tracks on Mutant Flesh, here today at the Vault. My prediction: you’ll be powerless to resist the song’s near-supernatural swagger, and instantly want to preorder a copy ahead of its December 7 release. You can do so on cassette or magenta A/B effect vinyl in the US from Sentient Ruin Laboratories, on LP in the EU from Legion of the Damned/Agipunk, or on CD from Aural Music.

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