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EP Review: Traiectum Inferius – MMXVIII

Every now and then, you need one of those listens that goes by very quickly but still make their statement in that small amount of time. Traiectum Inferius are a Dutch band that combines melodic death metal with thrash riffs and a blackened overlay. That’s a bit of a mouthful if you ask me, but thankfully they’re able to deliver this pretty thoroughly despite the running time of barely twenty minutes. MMXVIII is the title of the debut EP, and it’s easy enough to pick this release apart.

The melodic death metal elements are most notable in the bridges and the cleanliness of the guitar tones. A lot of the instrumental breaks have such a clear sense of direction and don’t bear any signs of a threat. On the other hand, the foundation is packed with abrasive thrash riffs that don’t venture too far outside of the box, sticking with the fast and furious template. Vocally, it’s quite harsh and hones in on traditional black shrieks, but it’s actually somewhat comprehensible which helps the melodic aspect of this some more. Drums also show signs of black metal, with that faster, click-like pattern.

MMXVIII is about as cut and dry of a release that I’ve heard in a while, as it was quite easy to pinpoint where all of the band’s qualities lie instrument by instrument. This makes for a very predictable and somewhat stagnant listen, but due to its short runtime and the fact that the execution is spot on, I can give it a pass.  Picture something like Children Of Bodom meets Skeletonwitch, but without any of the toppings that those bands pile onto their music.

MMXVIII was released on October 26th, 2018 and can be found digitally on their Bandcamp page.

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