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Album(s) Review: The Night Flight Orchestra – The Nuclear Blast Reissues

Having enjoyed The Night Flight Orchestra’s last two releases – Amber Galactic and Sometimes the World Ain’t Enough – waaaaaay more than I probably should have done, how could I pass up the alluring reissue of the band’s first two albums? As we’ll soon see, this is a band that have never written a bad song, and both albums are infectiously…well, infectious. How The Night Flight Orchestra manage to sound so awesomely and joyously life-affirming is beyond me.

The Night Flight Orchestra Band

Containing members of notable bands such as Arch Enemy, Spiritual Beggars, Witchery, Soilwork, and many others, The Night Flight Orchestra are a hard rocking band that just won’t quit kicking out the jams and showing off on the dance floor.

Available on vinyl for the first time, and boasting new album artwork and bonus tracks, you won’t want to miss these. Order here.

Internal Affairs – 2012

The Night Flight Orchestra - Internal AffairsThe first of these reissues is the band’s debut album from 2012, Internal Affairs. Highly melodic and crazily catchy, this album is all about the songs, as is all of this superlative band’s work. With a range of different hard and classic rock influences, Internal Affairs may have been the band’s debut album, but it hit the ground running and hit it hard.

The songs have flair, style, and an attitude that is free of worries or cares. This is feel-good music in a way that most feel-good music isn’t. How can there be anything wrong, when you have music as gorgeous and luscious as this to rock out to? Truly, this is an album that shines.

The band’s vocalist Björd “Speed” Strid, also of Soilwork, has a fantastic singing voice and uses it to great effect on these songs. He isn’t yet in full rock swing as he is on later releases, but he still knows how to pull off a good tune.

Subsequent albums may have found the band brimming with confidence and style even more than they do here, but this album is a first-rate start for The Night Flight Orchestra. Honest in its love for its subject matter, they may not be fully-formed here, but it’s close.

So authentically old-school and rocking it just hurts (but in a good way), Internal Affairs was the band’s first foray into full-on rock worship, but they didn’t stop there.

Favourite Track: “Transatlantic Blues”

Skyline Whispers – 2015

The Night Flight Orchestra - Skyline WhispersThree years after their debut album, The Night Flight Orchestra returned once more. Bigger, bolder, badder, and better, everything that was good about Internal Affairs is turned up to eleven on Skyline Whispers.

This is The Night Flight Orchestra 2.0 in some ways, although that probably makes it sounds like there’s been a bigger change than there actually has been. Maybe 1.5? On Skyline Whispers the band have expanded their sonic palette further into proto-rock, disco-rock, and progressive rock territories, all the while retaining their hard rock classic core that they started so well with on Internal Affairs.

The Strid sounds even stronger than he did on their previous record. On Skyline Whispers, it quickly became clear that he had really grown into the role, and his performance is impressive, as is his range. Belting out hooks and choruses left, right, and centre, he’s earned his flagon of ale with his singing on this album.

When it comes right down to it, The Night Flight Orchestra are fun. FUUUUN! Why wouldn’t you want to listen to this band?

Favourite Track: “Silletto”


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