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Album Review: Tytus – Rain After Drought

Here we have it folks, the first album of 2019 that I get the pleasure of hearing in its entirety. Tytus are a heavy metal band with some modern rock aesthetics to spike the punch, and their second release Rain After Drought is coming up. Hailing from Italy, this four-piece put together a record that appears to stick to a theme, covered with artwork that resembles a Christmas horror movie (I guess it’s just because of the colors).

Classic heavy and speed metal influences shine bright in this one, especially with tracks like “Move On Over.” The rolling drums and fast, chugging guitars make for a heavy and energetic banger with hoarse singing and ripping solos. Really, this song is just all of the hints of this that are dropped throughout crammed into one track, as most of the songs don’t follow this template, unfortunately. The other side of the coin is a modern hard rock approach that makes up a lot of the writing too, easily heard on “The Invisible.” By this, I mean riffs that are built on classic rock foundation made heavier and produced to the extreme.

 Occasionally, progressive rhythmic structures will work their way in, but this feature is far less obvious. Slower, somewhat sad layers take command for the middle area of the album, particularly in the two-part title tracks. For something that has as much fury and neat ideas as Rain After Drought, I can’t say that a whole lot of it really stands out. Certain moments certainly reel you right in, especially on the second half, but the first half drags a lot and isn’t overly inspiring, despite being musically capable. Forty-five minutes isn’t that long of an album, but when a chunk of it doesn’t stick, it can feel like it.

Tytus have a lot of musical ability to offer with plenty of variety, it’s just that they really lack hooks, and there isn’t a whole lot to stand out. As I tend to say, too clean of production can end up being overkill and blends the tracks together more than what was intended. This is definitely still worth a listen for sure.

Rain after Drought will be released on January 8th, 2019 through Fighter Records, and can be found digitally on Bandcamp or physically through the label.

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