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Single Review: Nathaniel Kinsey – This Christmas Eve

For years now, Nathaniel has been writing music and playing shows all around Pennsylvania, with a decent local following, and last year, he put out his first record titled Making The Most Out Of Nothing. While another album is in the making, he’s put out some more music just in time for the holiday season. Two Christmas songs–the single “This Christmas Eve,” and its B-side “The First Noel (Without You)”–have both made their way onto the Internet and been released as a purple w/marble swirls 7″.

For the most part, these are hard rockers that stay away from the aggressive nature of heavy metal, focusing on rock n roll riffs and strong melodies with a lot of vocal harmony. “This Christmas Eve” is a steadier track containing a sadder tone to it, touching on typical themes of Santa and Frosty, only to deliver a chorus with a more sorrowful mood. Right when you’d expect there to be a guitar solo following the bridge, we’re actually hit with a saxophone solo. I like to think this is like a shout-out to Springsteen’s classic rendition of “Santa Claus Is Coming To Town.”

“The First Noel (Without You),” on the other hand, is a little more upbeat and has more bite behind it, despite it also being a sadder song. No, these aren’t like your typical “All I Want For Christmas Is You” songs, as there’s actually a little humor incorporated into the lyrics such as cats knocking ornaments off of the tree. The harmonies are laid on a lot stronger on this track, with backing vocals being one of the dominant ingredients to this. Even though this is the B-side, I actually prefer this track.

Ultimately, these two tracks are original Christmas tunes that give you something different than what you hear on the radio all the time. You can download both songs off of iTunes and Amazon, and it can also be found on Distrokid.  For physical copies, contacting Nathaniel himself is the way to go.

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