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Album Stream: Moulin Banal – Le Rythme Du Maréchal Ferrant

Comte Bergaby – it might not be a name you recognize right off. However, any of our loyal Vault Hunters who pay attention to the Canadian metal underground – particularly what labels Tour de Garde and Les Fleurs du Mal are releasing – are likely familiar with at least one of his bands, like Shezmu, Hexeth, Pénombre, Palmistry, or Complot! A ridiculously prolific musician, a quick glance at his Metal Archives page shows that Bergaby was involved in at least eight demo or EP releases across those various projects in 2018.

The Comte is wasting no time getting things started up again in 2019 with what will likely be just the first of many releases this year: Le Rythme Du Maréchal Ferrant (The Rhythm of the Blacksmith), the debut offering from his latest project Moulin Banal. As those already familiar with his music are aware, no two of Bergaby’s bands quite sound the same – they run the gamut from war metal to sleazy blackened punk – but his releases do all have a couple of things in common. One: they tend to sound fantastic – all of the instruments are clearly audible in the mix, but there’s still enough rawness in the production to satisfy kvlt listeners. Two: they’re all too fucking short.

Honestly, I think the highest compliment I can pay Le Rythme Du Maréchal Ferrant is that I’m genuinely pissed off that it’s only 17 minutes long. That’s nowhere near enough time to spend with Moulin Banal’s mix of raw, melodic black metal and pastoral Québécois folk. In some ways, Moulin Banal remind me of Ungfell. However, instead of incorporating the acoustic passages–which on Le Rythme Du Maréchal Ferrant are primarily played by Carabinier Carignan, Bergaby’s collaborator on the project–into the structures of longer songs, they alternate: one black metal song, one folk song, one black metal, etc.

From a listener’s perspective, it works perfectly  – every time I hit play on Le Rythme Du Maréchal Ferrant, I end up listening to it at least twice. Now you can listen to it as many times as you want, because we’re streaming the album in its entirety here today at the Vault ahead of its January 11 digital release from Moulin Banal’s Bandcamp (preorder here) and on cassette from Corde Raide Productions (limited to 60 – preorder here). We’re also thrilled to be able to announce that Moulin Banal has gotten together with our friends at Grey Matter Productions for a vinyl release in the Spring of 2019.

When asked for a few words about Le Rythme Du Maréchal Ferrant, the Comte offered:

Moulin Banal is a representation of the old lifestyle in Nouvelle France, where French settlers had to deal with the hardships of the time.
This first ouvrage deals with themes such as the ‘Seigneuries,’ the work in the fields, and the pressures of the Catholic Church, wrapped in a Black Metal sound that’s seasoned with the flavors of the past.
So plunge into the decadent existence of a French settler and his land, where life is short and bitter.

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