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Short Sharp Shock #27: Underground Delights

Welcome back to Short Sharp Shock, chronicling the smaller releases that have come Indy Metal Vault’s way. We have some real underground delights for you today…

Seventh Genocide - SvnthBand(s): Seventh Genocide

Title: Svnth

Style(s): Post-Black Metal

Duration: 30 minutes

Release date: October 28, 2018

A rich and multifaceted brew of black metal, post-rock, psychedelia, folk, and ambience, Svnth sees this Italian act producing a layered and textured collection of songs. It sounds as if a lot of time and consideration has gone into crafting these tracks, and it has paid off too; the results are compelling and enjoyable. With lots of atmosphere and depth of delivery, as well as a varied and differentiated approach to songwriting, Seventh Genocide’s latest EP has impressed.

Revenge - Deceiver.Diseased.MiasmicBand(s): Revenge

Title: Deceiver.Diseased.Miasmic

Style(s): Black Metal

Duration: 9 minutes

Release date: December 7, 2018

Talk about short sharp shocks, Revenge’s latest EP certainly qualifies. This is punishing and brutal stuff. Howling blackened brutality is packed into ugly, virulent songs and unleashed in a torrent of extreme violence and rage. The band’s crusty, filthy blackened assault is withering, and at the end of this short release you’ll be gasping for breath and need a long lie down. Scathingly hateful, utterly raw, and chaotically foul, Revenge have returned with another strong release of unhinged material.

Sylent Storm - Sylent StormBand(s): Sylent Storm

Title: Sylent Storm

Style(s): Heavy Metal

Duration: 28 minutes

Release date: November 4, 2018

After the above’s rampant extremity, it’s now time for some traditional heavy metal for a change of pace. This is Sylent Storm’s debut EP, and it’s a solid example of the classic metal style. Unpolished, unadorned, and unashamedly old-school, this release does incorporate a few different influences from across the decades but is primarily classic heavy metal through and through. So yes, this is mainly rooted in the 80s, and the production sounds in line with this. The songs are song-based and have plenty of hooks. It’s unlikely that this style will appeal to too many people in 2019, (which is a shame), but if you’re partial to heavy metal in its original form then check this out. There’s an Omen cover too.

Nadir - Honour the CavalryBand(s): Nadir

Title: Honour the Cavalry

Style(s): Sludge/Death Metal

Duration: 15 minutes

Release date: November 11, 2018

I like Nadir. I mean, how could you dislike a band that essentially sounds like a cross between Crowbar and Bolt Thrower? It’s just not possible. Throw in a few bits of Obituary, High on Fire, and Incantation, and you have a meaty metallic feast to enjoy. This new EP is a 25th-anniversary release, and a fitting way for the band to celebrate their long-running existence.

Little Jimi - EP.1Band(s): Little Jimi

Title: EP.1

Style(s): Rock

Duration: 23/38 minutes

Release date: November 16, 2018

This imaginatively titled EP is chock full of 70s-influenced psychedelic rock that’s been updated for the present day. Fuzzy riffs, a warm sound, effortlessly melodic vocals, and songwriting conviction make for a collection of songs that are really enjoyable. Space rock and stoner, as well as a touch of progressive rock, are also influences by the sounds of it. I enjoyed this more than I usually would for something of this ilk, and found it surprisingly addictive in its own way.

Apparently, this EP originally saw the light of day in 2017, but has now been reissued at the end of last year with two bonus cuts – a new song and a live track. This rounds out the release to essentially album length, (the original was only 23 minutes long, hence its inclusion here). Check it out.

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