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Album Review: Lucifera – La Caceria De Brujas

A while back, I went to Punta Cana, where I was surrounded by music in Spanish for the duration of the vacation. I told myself “I bet I can find some extreme metal in Spanish.” For whatever reason, I didn’t take the time to actively look but fast forward to now and I’ve got the Colombian band Lucifera before me. La Caceria De Brujas is a blackened thrash effort, and boy is this ever a fierce one! No need to be able to understand the lyrics, because the attitude tells just about all you need to hear!

Explosive instrumentation is the name of the game here, as the large usage of cymbal clashes and the rough production makes everything come through in a very striking manner. Even though the songs are heavily constructed of ecstatic and speedy thrash riffs, this darkens them to a new level that paints haunting pictures in your head, bringing on a hellish feel. There are really no strong signs of melody here, which is to be expected, so there aren’t too many moments that stand out, but the job gets done, nonetheless.

The vocals are a beast within themselves. There’s a higher shrieking nature to them that sounds absolutely horrifying in the most fitting way. Vocalist A. Blasfemia’s pipes bring on the high pitched overlay crossed with the ability to kick out a lot in one breath, making this quite chilling. On the other hand, her style doesn’t offer a lot of room for variation, and the rough production doesn’t help. A lot of echo is also caused by all of the craziness going on here, which both helps and hurts by adding effect but keeping it rather one-sided even further.

What you see is what you’ll get with La Caceria De Brujas. You see the hellish album cover? You’re gonna get hellish images upon hearing it. You see the Spanish title? You’re gonna get ripping lyrics spat out in Spanish. Beyond that, it’s all achieved through one main burst of incredible albeit repetitive and nasty playing topped with demented sounding vocals.

La Caceria De Brujas is coming through Dunkelheit Produktionen and will be out on February 25th, 2019 on CD and March 18th, 2019 on vinyl. Both can be found on the Bandcamp page.

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