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Track Premiere: Sadisme – “Ruptured Remains of Unconsciousness”

Given my habit of opening these track premieres with extended discussion of/meditations on a band’s name, I’m sure more than a few of our loyal Vault Hunters are expecting me to spend the next two hundred or so words talking about sadism. I’ll be honest – it’s tempting. However, I’m going to (mostly) resist that temptation this time. I mean…unlike, say the burial crisis in 19th Century London, most people already have a decent understanding of sadism.

That being said, when contemplating Festering in Telepathic Communion, the debut offering from California-based black metal outfit Sadisme, I find myself wondering who exactly is the sadist – Juggernaut, the lone individual behind the band, or those of us who are listening? I know it seems like a strange question, but hear me out…

Sadisme plays a similar style of raw, violent black metal as their Grey Matter Productions label mates Akasha and the alphas of the current wave of vampiric USBM Byyrth. Jaggedly melodic riffs, abrasive vocals –  this is unpleasant music that sounds like it was written with the goal of inflicting as much harm as possible on those listening. That’s a point in the ‘Juggernaut is the sadist’ column.

However, there’s an undeniably depressive element to the music as well. Just consider the song titles: “Picking at the Corpse of a Past Life,” “Scars the Size of Monoliths,” and “Ruptured Remains of Unconsciousness,” the last of which we’re premiering here today at the Vault. Festering in Telepathic Communion is an album born of internal torment – an exercise in self-harm, made manifest via music. In other words, the act of making this music could be called masochistic, which would make those of us who listen to and praise it…yep, you guessed it – sadists.

When it comes down to it, we’re all complicit in the creation and dissemination of the suffering that fuels Sadisme’s music. However, when the result kind of feels like one of the more morose Xasthur records as interpreted by Orgy of Carrion, it’s pretty fucking difficult to feel guilty about it.

When asked for a few words about “Ruptured Remains of Unconsciousness,” Juggernaut offered:

In every moment of life, we are altering our current state of consciousness and therefore slowly digging graves for each shattered image we have of who we thought we were as a person. As humans with ever-shifting consciousnesses, we are constantly murdering our previous selves – our past consciousness. This track is meant to serve as the stark image of a bloated and rotting carcass of a past self. A monument to the suffering endured and to the inevitable suffering in our future.

Festering in Telepathic Communion will be available on January 18 from Grey Matter Productions, both digitally and on limited edition cassette (preorder here). In the meantime, hurt yourself with our stream of “Ruptured Remains of Unconsciousness.”

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