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Album Review: Insanity Alert – 666 Pack

It’s got twenty-one songs on it, half of the tracks are a minute long or shorter, and there are a lot of beer references. The lead singer is known as Heavy Kevy. Any guesses as to what genre Insanity Alert is? Indeed, I am a huge fan of this crossover bunch, and their upcoming record 666 Pack is very much the perfect stab at being humorous in “party thrash.” There are essentially three types of songs here; the parody covers, the fast blasts of nonsense, and the ones that actually have some kind of originality and real song structure. But all three of them do exactly what they’re supposed to do, and it’s excellent.

Let’s start with the parody songs, as these are my favorites. Basically, the best way to describe them is existing songs made far heavier and changing the lyrics to something funny, gross, or horror-tastic. “Saturday Grind Fever” is basically The Bee Gees’ “Stayin’ Alive” except it’s about being a psychopath. “Two Joints” is a crossover version of the Sublime tune made funnier. And the eight second “Stop! Slammertime” is exactly what you think it is. Must I elaborate on these anymore? They kick ass and that’s what matters.

Then you have the fast blasts of nonsense, which can be anything. “The Ballad Of Slayer” is literally the intro riff to “Raining Blood” with “you’re dead” thrown in. “8 Bit Brutality” is thrash riffs played as if they were part of an old video game. I realize that these songs hold no musical value, but teaming them up with the fun covers probably only makes up about one-third of the record, and if anything they work as interludes to keep this interesting.

The rest of it is pretty normal crossover thrash work; however, amazingly I think there’s more variation than normal; song lengths still being between one and three minutes. They can vary from angry bursts of aggressive riffs with really hoarse vocal work to slower numbers that have a little groove to them. “The Body Of The Christ Is The Parasite” is furious and to the point, with a lot of energy and grit. On the other hand “Mosh Mosh Mosh” borders the line of surf rock sped up and distorted. A lot of gang backup vocals are utilized in the choruses, my favorite one being “Windmilli Vanilli.” “A Skullcrushin’ Good Time” is described in the title; a skull crushing banger with strong rhythm closing with a nice sample of a skull being crushed. So this is quite an earful.

I think what makes this so great is that even though it’s an album from a genre that doesn’t have a lot of variation, literally every track has its own identity. It isn’t over-the-top to the point that it’s trying too hard, the actual music is super fun, and the parody stuff is creative gold. Insanity Alert’s first record was just a typical albeit still strong album of this type, very Municipal Waste like. The second one got a little sillier (it’s called Moshburger, look up the album cover), and 666 Pack brings it to the perfect level of goofy to where it’s quite enjoyable. I highly recommend listening to this, it won’t take too much of your time.

666 Pack will be out on January 25th, 2019 through Season Of Mist, and can be found on CD, vinyl, and digitally on, you guessed it, Bandcamp.

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