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Track Premiere: Siddius – “Whores and Thieves”

Hailing from Bloomington, IN, Siddius is a metal band that conventionally isn’t metal at all. After being formed by  Khalid S and Alexander W, Siddius has been writing music and performing since they were in their teens. Going through different writing styles, members, and life experiences have led them to make the music they want to play, and they don’t necessarily care if it is not “metal” all the time. “We are not metal enough for the metal crowd, nor do we strive in any way to cater to that…in my opinion the best metal is rock n’ roll and it bridges the gap,” says frontman Hayden Fraiser. So where do they fit in the heavy or hard rock scene? Their latest album gives insight to just that.

With their second album, Whores and Thieves, Siddius wanted to write an album that spoke more to their personal accounts and less about the more typical subject matter of a heavy metal band. “I think we are more than just some Iron Maiden rip off either or rip off another band, we take those elements and try to write them into our own songs…” says Fraiser. Siddius’s first album touched more on abstract ideas and storytelling, and with Whores and Thieves the band wants to convey true feeling and emotion through the collective experiences of the members, and that is something they are very proud of.


The title Whores and Thieves sounds like we are trying to get that parental supervision stamp on the front of our album or something but it’s more about an idea of us identifying real situations that we have come across in our lives.

Along with the subject matter of the album, writing songs from a singer’s perspective was something of a challenge for the band. The band’s freshman album When Time is Time Again was a collection of songs and ideas that had been written at several different points and accumulated within the album. Whores and Thieves was written with a clear objective and overall a more polished sound says the band.

Live shows are where the band hopes to win over more audience members that do not typically come out for metal shows. Having won the Bloomington Battle of the Bands this past year, Siddius has proven that they can make music that appeals to fan of many styles of music. “When it comes to audiences, we have had a positive response from the metal fans, but we have had a great response from the unassuming audience, the audience that just didn’t know what they were going to see.” The band has also performed for local Bloomington bar staple Nicks English Hut when they held their 90th-anniversary block party, playing for masses that would not have usually been sold on going to a metal show, a highlight for the band in their career.

The latest addition to the band, Joey Carpenter, brings a forceful and commanding presence behind the drumkit that Siddius is really excited about. Staying true to themselves and their vision of music, bridging the gap between metalhead and regular joes. Above all, Siddius sees themselves as a fun band, especially live. They want to give people an unforgettable experience at their shows and bring something new to the table, in a sometimes, more series genre of music.

You can check out their title track “Whores and Thieves” first here and be sure to follow them on Facebook for upcoming shows and band news.

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