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EP Stream – Sørgelig – Devoted to Nothingness

We finally got our first substantial bit of snow of this winter here in northern Indiana, which means that the calendar has finally turned over to black metal season.

Oh, who am I fucking with? It’s always black metal season – and if Saturday nights are indeed alright for fighting, then Friday mornings are the perfect time to wake up and smell the kvltness…

Okay…that sentence kind of got away from me, but the point stands. What better way to start the long holiday weekend than with some nasty, lo-fi black metal courtesy of Greece’s Sørgelig? Spoiler: there isn’t one. Devoted to Nothingness, the third release in less than two years from the Thessaly-based quartet, may well be the band’s magnum opus, despite the EP’s relatively compact 25-minute run time. That being said, I don’t know if you’ll hear a fuller 25 minutes of guts-fucking black metal this year.

If any of our loyal Vault Hunters were curious enough about the meaning of the band’s name to pop over to Google Translate, they’d learn that it’s the Norwegian word for ‘sad.’ Now, before anyone goes forming any hasty conclusions, Sørgelig do not play depressive black metal (not that there’s anything wrong with that – I happen to rather like Make a Change…Kill Yourself) – there’s absolutely nothing ‘pretty’ about Devoted to Nothingness. Theirs is a bilious kind of sadness that makes the EP’s every note sting like lemon juice in a paper cut, and it’s cloaked in the same kind of raw production that one would expect from the Aldebaran Circle or Les Légions Noires. If you didn’t already hate the world and everyone in it (most of all yourself) before hitting play on this one, I’ll be stunned if you make it to the end of “Die in Vain,” the second song on the EP, before you start feeling an overwhelming need to break something.

Devoted to Nothingness will be available on cassette from heavyweight underground Canadian label Les Fleurs du Mal Productions on January 20 (watch for ordering info here), with a vinyl pressing coming in April from Iron Bonehead Productions. Check it out below.

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