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Album Review: Chainbreaker – Lethal Desire

Ah, another album where the cover looks exactly how the music sounds. Hailing from Canada, we have speed metallers Chainbreaker with their debut record Lethal Desire, and it’s a very messy and noisy shot to the head that starts and finishes rather quickly. It’s probably safe to say that thrash and black metal both blend their way in, but a lot of that is probably due to the extremely rough production.

The biggest thing to get out of this is a rolling rampage of aggression that literally does not have a single slow moment for the entire run-time. That said, it’s also the only real factor about it, and beyond that it’s as one-sided as humanly possible as there isn’t much present. They display no real attempts at unique solos (or really many solos in general), no variation in riff-work and rhythms, and no sense of melody within the vocals or instrumentation. Sure, they may have the ability to keep a solid rhythm, but that’s like having the ability to draw very well but still only draw stick figures.

I really doubt this was meant to be taken very seriously, but man the lyrics aren’t much in the realm of funny or interesting. It probably doesn’t take a psychic to guess that they’re all about violence, dirty women, evil, or really anything that reflects ‘80s Venom. One of the most laughable songs is “Get Yer Feed,” as it’s a horrible attempt at a raunchy sex song. Vocally, Lethal Desire is similar to really early Bathory, which can be heard on any song because they all take the exact same approach.

The vocals themselves? Not bad. The rough and messy production? Isn’t hurting anything. The guitar tones? Pretty fitting. But none of this goes anywhere; it’s like buying a neat Lego set, dumping out the pieces, and not putting them together. I’ll admit that the rolling drums that blast through the title track got my blood pumping a little. Beyond that though, this is the absolute bare minimum with basically nothing standing out that a band could get away with and not be labeled horrible.

Lethal Desire will drop on February 15th, 2019 through Hell’s Headbangers, and will be available through the label and Bandcamp via CD, vinyl, and cassette.

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