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Short Sharp Shock #28: A Taste of Extremity

So much music, so little time, eh? Well fear not, we have you covered for some of the less time-consuming metal releases that are out there. Get your shorter, briefer taste of extremity right here at Indy Metal Vault!

Abyssal Crypt - Abyssal CryptBand(s): Abyssal Crypt

Title: Abyssal Crypt

Style(s): Death Metal

Duration: 11 minutes

Release date: October 31, 2018

This is the debut demo release from these UK death metallers, and it should please fans of underground extremity that’s filthy and gritty. With only three tracks it may be a short release, but it packs sufficient punch to knock you off your feet. The band plays old-school death metal that knows a good riff when it peels one off, and equally recognises a decent and timeless song structure. It’s a nice touch that they’ve managed to recruit a monster on vocals too; the band seem to have worked out how to poke and prod it to produce a few different sounds, all of them brutal and harsh. Abyssal Crypt is a quality first step out of the sewer for this group of rotten behemoths, and I eagerly await whatever foulness they belch forth next.

Neptunus - Alien ConspiracyBand(s): Neptunus

Title: Alien Conspiracy

Style(s): Death Metal

Duration: 23 minutes

Release date: October 1, 2018

More death metal for you now, this time in the shape of an alien-themed EP from Indonesia. This is a mix of death metal and deathcore, with a small side order of slam thrown in for good measure. Technical and brutal, this is deathcore-slanted heaviness that echoes Rings of Saturn in some ways. If you like them you should check out this band too. Some of the guitar leads here are utterly ridiculous, and I mean that in a very complimentary way. The guitarist of Neptunus clearly knows a thing or two about his instrument.

Ortus - Where Shadows GatherBand(s): Ortus

Title:  Where Shadows Gather

Style(s): Black Metal

Duration: 29 minutes

Release date: September 9, 2018

We’ll leave death metal behind for a while now and enter black metal territories. This German band’s debut EP is like stepping back in time, so authentic is their take on the classic blackened style. This is old-school and true to the second wave founders. The production on this EP is particularly satisfying, but thankfully the band have the music to match the raw, underground sound that this release boasts. With songs that are easy to digest and absorb if you’re a fan of this sort of frozen blackened hatred, Ortus have made a welcome entrance to a scene that they clearly are enamoured with. Although resolutely nothing new, (the opposite is the entire point, in fact), I look forward to hearing more from the band in the future.

0N0 - Cloaked Climax ConcealedBand(s): 0N0

Title: Cloaked Climax Concealed

Style(s): Death/Doom Metal

Duration: 11 minutes

Release date: March 3, 2019

0N0 play experimental industrial death/doom, and they do it quite well. They create a certain style of apocalyptic majesty in their music, as if the world is ending in such a way as to evoke images of dark grandeur and crushing misery. For all its infernal beauty, this is a hostile, unfriendly piece of work, however. Also, strictly, speaking labeling this ‘death/doom’ is misleading, as this is quite non-standard stuff. If you imagine your average death/doom band and combine them with bits of Godflesh and Jesu, then you’ll probably be a bit closer to the truth of it.

Warp Chamber - Abdication of the MindBand(s): Warp Chamber

Title: Abdication of the Mind

Style(s): Death Metal

Duration: 16 minutes

Release date: December 7, 2018

This band’s debut demo makes gloriously good use of its 90s death metal influences to bring us two dense, raw tracks of ugly old-school death metal. Occasionally technical, but not overly so, the songs are long and involving for death metal tracks, but there’s not really any wasted moments here. This is music that’s just as much about feeling and mood as it is about savage riffs. Sinister melodies and cavernous vocals abound, and Abdication of the Mind is a rather impressive first outing. Warp Chamber mean business, and business seems to be booming.

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