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Album Review: Sacred Monster – Worship The Weird

There’s nothing like doom metal that exceeds the norm. Sacred Monster fall into this category with their upcoming debut Worship The Weird. Some may call it “blackened doom,” but I’d find that to be inaccurate since the guitars and drums are completely in heavy/doom territory, and the air is clear of being hazy and muddy. The vocals on the other hand are extremely throaty, high pitched shrieks.

What’s neat is that you can still understand everything the vocalist says. Despite being absolutely piercing and tough to swallow, it’s projected very clear and amazingly still has a strong sense of melody. Every now and then, a clear shriek reminiscent of King Diamond will sneak its way in. Check out “The Wraith” to hear how well these sit atop cleaner and calmer guitars, as well as deep, booming doom riffs.

 Moreover, the band’s ability to write killer songs that actually go somewhere and have super sharp hooks is impressive. Never is there a time where a track stagnates, and there’re always either breaks or some kind of nifty progression. Typically, there will be a chorus and verse structure with slower rhythmic parts. This will either be split by faster and intense riffing over pummeling speed drumming, or it will build up to an epic outro. Bass work is very prominent too, adding a solid coat of thickness to the already blistering riffs.

Beyond that, there is a high level of talent that Sacred Monster possesses with combining different approaches together. Fret-happy, tapping guitar solos as well as calmer, more soothing ones can be lumped into the same song and not have it come off awkwardly. The lyrical themes tie everything together, being focused around horror, gore, and monsters, with one of my favorites being “Re-Animator.” Worship The Weird also heavily incorporates humor here as well, such as in the end of “High Confessor.”

I guess you could say that the album’s title is very fitting. As weird as it is, it worked tremendously by using accessible tactics with a frightening and extreme overlay. Besides, they don’t take themselves too seriously, which clearly made for a better output. Those who like doom, horror, or shrieking vocals should be able to find something to get out of this.

Worship The Weird will be released on March 1st, 2019 and will be available digitally or on CD through Bandcamp.

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