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Track Premiere: Secretpath – “Raptus”

Okay…I’ll level with you here, Vault Hunters. I’m going to describe Italian quartet Secretpath as a ‘melodic black/death metal band, and you’re going to immediately be skeptical. You’ll look at the cover of Dominatio Tempestatis EP and think ‘that looks more like the cover to Symphony X’s The Odyssey than anything black or death metal. Then you’re going to look at their promo photo and think ‘okay…they look like they could be members of about three different bands, and none of them play black metal.’

But then you’ll hit play on “Raptus,” which we’re premiering here today at the Vault, and then you’ll be like ‘That riff is pretty siiiii…DUDE – are those fucking pig squeals? What the fuck?’

More than anything, Secretpath are what I refer to as a ‘genre fuck’ band. What do I mean? I mean that their music sounds like someone took a handful of genres and fucked them together. Is it really melodic black/death metal? In places, sure. Would calling it something like ‘jazzy blackened technical groove-prog metal’ be more accurate? Yeah, but who’s going to remember all of that? It doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue. More importantly, though, does what you call it ultimately have anything to do with whether or not the fucking thing rips? NO – emphatically not.

But I don’t think anyone clicked on this hoping to read a think piece on genre categorization. You want to hear some…erm, metal! “Raptus” appears on the forthcoming Dominatio Tempestatis EP, which will be out on  February 4 from Masked Dead Records (preorder here). Like the rest of their releases, the EP continues the story of the Wanderer. This installment tells of a seaman fighting against the ocean, and the waters and winds that bring the Wanderer adrift. The song, and the EP as a whole, covers quite a bit of territory musically – you may have somehow already intuited this. Two things, however, keep it from ever being at risk of either spiraling off into self-indulgent territory or turning into a riff salad: guitarist Pierluigi “Aries” Ammirata and drummer Francesco “Storm” Borrelli are locked in tighter than a gnat’s asshole, and vocalist Paolo “The Voices” Ferrante more than earns his nickname by sounding like roughly five different people over the course of the song.

When asked about “Raptus,” the band responded:

“Raptus” is a song that combines the raw punch of Brutal Death Metal with the cold swedish Blackened Melodic Death Metal, with some Progressive/Groove parts too. Secretpath was born to combine many influences to create a rich and diversified sound that, starting from extreme metal, could reach almost any aspect of the genre. This surely helped the creativity, but also let to many different and difficult attempts at finding our own identity; “Raptus” is a song that tries to combine these many aspects into one solid and in-your-face Death/Black Metal song. This song is part of an EP, Dominatio Tempestatis (that is latin for “Storm’s Domain”) that is going to be published by Masked Dead Records; with this EP the most difficult thing was to keep our work “simple” and straight-forward, trying not to add too many influences… in spite of this we have an orchestral intro, three metal songs in which the “main” genre is different (sometimes death metal prevails, others it’s black metal) and a central acoustic song.


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