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Album Review: Dezaztre Natural – Asfixia

Chilean crossover thrash: now there’s a great way to get my attention! Dezaztre Natural (translating to Natural Disaster) put out their most recent effort near the end of 2018 titled Asfixia (translating to Suffocation). For a breed of crossover hailing from a country heavily rooted in extremely chaotic and aggressive thrash metal, they’ve actually got a high level of sophistication to their music. Now granted, I can’t say for sure what the lyrics are about, but on a musical front, this is pretty mature for crossover.

The easiest way to hear this is with how clean the delivery with everything is. The riffs carry a fair amount of variation in tempo and don’t sound so formulaic in any way. This makes for songs that inject a large amount of melody, with speed-tastic palm muted chugs as a base ingredient, and dialed back grooves as bridges. The vocals are also very clear and lay atop everything quite smoothly, making this the perfect balance of not too raw and not produced to death.

On the other hand, the way that the bass takes prominence in many a track is quite stellar. Not only do bouncy bass rhythms back the lead guitars when they jump into the tap-happy solos, but they work quite well as fills to replace the groovier sections. Even the drums go outside the box too, serving as more than just a booming timekeeper by shifting in techniques to follow the basslines which include blasting machine-gun like kicks behind the more monotone riffs.

Really, I’ve never gotten more out of an album entirely in a foreign language than this one. The only thing that really makes Asfixia a crossover album is the fact that it has so much punk attitude to it; beyond that, it really doesn’t have the typical barbaric nature that many a band of this brand will strive to create. Nothing against those bands of course, but this made for a unique treat.

Asfixia came out on November 10th, 2018 through Australis Records and can be found in digital and CD formats on their Campamento De La Banda page.

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