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Album Review: Skulled – Eat Thrash

Take a wild guess as to what genre this is. Here’s a hint; it might or might not be in the album title. Skulled are a group of German thrashers that put out their second effort just shy of two years ago, titled Eat Thrash. Combine the goofy and barbaric nature of the crossover scene with the raw feel and intense aggression of the Teutonic thrash movement, and you’ve got this compound of a metal disc.

Amazingly, this is not super consistent. Most would immediately see this and guess how one sided it is just by looking at it, but that’s actually not the case. Only the first third or so of this utilizes the crazy speed and chaotic delivery of many a crossover band, with “Death, Destruction” being the easiest track to pin this to. As soon as you reach “Guts On Wheels,” hints of melody begin creeping in, giving the overall sound on these numbers beefier structure.

Bassy passages and rather fierce sounding chugs are woven into this later into the album, most notably with the slamming riff style and pounding drums that carry “Protect & Sever.” Randomly, the band will then jump to songs that take on humor driven subject matter, like “Kate Mosh” and “Satan In My Drink.” That’s all well and good, but the inconsistency on Eat Thrash is just a bit much to overlook due to the lack of hooks. If the general songwriting had more to it, this would be easily forgivable.

For the most part, Skulled have a pretty good idea of how to drop the fun with the fury. There are some tunes with good structure, some with silliness, and some that are downright mean to the last drop. If this had a smoother flow and perhaps some sharper hooks, this would have been stellar; some improvement in songwriting development would do the trick.

Eat Thrash came out on March 1st, 2017 and can be found digitally and on CD through the Bandcamp page.

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