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Track Stream: Затемно (Zatemno) – “В Петле” (“V Petle”)

First of all, can I just take a second here and say how much I appreciate the fact that black metal bands are starting to embrace the accordion? I’m not talking about those ‘trolls getting shitfaced in the woods’ cosplay bands, either. I’m talking about bands like Ungfell – serious black metal bands who use the instrument as the foundation for the folk elements of their sound. Unlike the instruments that every band with folk leanings seem to incorporate – tin whistle, I’m looking at you – very few bands incorporate accordion, and even fewer do it well.

(And as a side note: unless you’re Chloe Bray from Sojourner, put the fucking tin whistle away – she’s the only one who can really play it convincingly in a black metal context. But I digress…)

Multi-instrumentalist St. Pstr of Затемно (or Zatemno, for those of us who don’t use the Cyrillic alphabet) makes prominent use of the accordion on “В Петле” (“V Petle”), the title track from the Russian duo’s forthcoming debut album of the same name. He and bandmate Japetus have been perfecting their style of experimental black metal since 2011, and as you’ll hear on our stream of “V Petle” (“In the Noose”) below,  the end results were more than worth the wait.

I don’t usually cut-and-paste from promotional materials, but in this instance, they really describe the album much more succinctly and engagingly than I can:

В Петле will be available at the end of March from Aesthetic Death (CD – preorder here) and Bile Noire (cassette – watch for ordering info here). Until then, check out the title track below

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