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Track Premiere: Heavy Feather – “Hey There Mama”

I generally don’t cover ‘roots rock’ bands here at the Vault – or bands from anywhere on the stoner rock/meal spectrum, really. However, there are exceptions to every rule, and from the first moment that I heard Sweden’s Heavy Feather, I knew I needed to do something with this band. Those groovy riffs, that silky-warm guitar tone…just typing that has me feeling all kinds of mellow.

Granted, groovy and silky aren’t exactly in short supply in this style of music these days, so what made their forthcoming debut long-player Débris and Rubble – which is due out on April 5 from The Sign Records (preorder – here) – grab me so quickly and thoroughly? That’s easy: vocalist Lisa Lystam.

I was raised on singers like Ann Wilson of Heart and Linda Ronstadt – dynamic, expressive vocalists who could go from sounding vulnerable one second to wailing the paint off the walls the next. Lystam is definitely cut from that same mold, so while Matte Gustavsson, Morgan Korsmoe & Ola Göransson provide a musical foundation guaranteed to make you shake your hips, she elevates Heavy Feather from a rockin’ good time to something as urgent and emotional as it is groovy.

Check out “Hey There Mama,” the first single from Débris and Rubble, below. My advice is to do so wearing earbuds, because you don’t want to miss the panning effect on the outro guitar solo…

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