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Track/Video Stream And Review: Melba Culp – “Never Surrender”

Melba Culp are a fresh band on the horizon, hailing from Austin, Texas with plans of putting out their debut album in 2020. Although it’s only February, they’ve dropped a music video in order to give metal goers something to look forward to. Their debut single known as “Never Surrender” hit the air on January 18th of this year, and can be purchased on all major platforms.

Essentially, this is a very crisp cut of heavy metal that doesn’t venture too far out of the norm but is cooked pretty well and rides on speed metal riffs from start to finish. Really, you can trace this back to a lot of the power metal aesthetics in the music itself; fierce drum kicks, fast riffing, a ripping solo, and all the glory. But the vocals don’t fit with that label. There are no falsettos to be found – Jack McConnell’s voice rides on the lower notes with a raspy overlay. It is, however, very melodic and the backing vocals do a stellar job at complimenting this.

The video itself is quite an eyeful, changing from shot-to-shot rapidly. It features cars, war scenes, fights, etc. Doesn’t get more American than that! Overall, this is solid and gives a pretty promising look at what to expect next year.

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