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Album Review: Almost Honest – Seiches And Sirens

Back in 2017, Almost Honest delivered their first full-length album titled Thunder Mouth, which was a pretty straightforward stoner/doom record. Their sophomore effort titled Seiches And Sirens couldn’t be any further from that description, and as good as the debut was, this one certainly steps it up. Here the band incorporates more sensational rhythms and jumps between weird or menacing tones and accessible ones that could almost touch radio rock territory.

Admittedly, this does make for a lack of flow between tracks, but almost everything serves a purpose of its own and makes it worthwhile. The inviting and chorus-driven “Keystone” has a lot of charm for something with heavy riffs, as there is a decent amount of harmony and pop-rock like vocals. But immediately following is a far more gritty ditty known as “Interstellar Executive” with a snarly, raspy lead by bassist Seth Jackson while frontman Shayne Reed fully focuses on threatening riffs.

Other tunes like “Jenny Greenteeth” or “Stonecutter” lean more towards a stripped down doomy platform. That’s not to say that they don’t incorporate a lot of buildup and groove. “Stonecutter” in particular has the strongest bridge on the album as the melodic tendencies in this track slowly mold into a monotoned ball of energy that naturally unfolds at the songs closure. In fact, the shifts in tempo and large incorporation of faster tempos are a great part of what makes Seiches And Sirens so sturdy in musical build. “Wiwadvhv” gives no warnings as it blasts away from start to finish, being a prime example.

You’ll find all of the monsters, weirdness, and beer guts blended with bouncy doom riffs and booming bass lines that Almost Honest have always delivered and called “Pennsylvania dad rock.” The hooks have just increased in number. And more importantly, the plethora of different angles from changes in singers to unexpected acoustic guitar appearances give almost every song a quickly recognizable identity. Sure, consistency isn’t really anywhere to be found, but the obvious display of craftsmanship casts a shadow over that.

Seiches And Sirens will be out on March 22nd, 2019 through Electric Talon Records, and can be found digitally and physically through Bandcamp.

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