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Track Premiere: Akrotheism – “Typhonian Serpents”

I’m sure I’ve mentioned this a time or few before, but for as much as I love black metal in most of its non-symphonic forms, I’ve never really been able to get into the Hellenic scene. There are a handful of albums I can appreciate, but not once have I ever said to myself ‘I am really in a Greek kind of mood today.’ Blame the conspicuous presence of production values. As our loyal Vault Hunters are well aware, I like my black metal raw…

While Akrotheism may hail from Athens, there’s actually a lot more Iceland in their sound on their second full-length The Law of Seven Deaths. Part of that no doubt stems from the fact that the album was mixed and mastered by Stephen Lochkart, the architect of the Icelandic sound, at his Emissary Studio. But it goes deeper than simply that. Their mix of claustrophobic atmospheres and terse melodic passages make them sound as though they’d be right at home between Misþyrming and Svartidauði, which is precisely where they’ll be this June when they play the Ascension MMXIX festival.

But I’m getting ahead of myself…

The Law of Seven Deaths will be available on March 29 from Osmose Productions (preorder here), and we’ve got the album’s opening song “Typhonian Serpents” to stream for you today here at the Vault. Typhon was a serpentine giant considered to be the deadliest creature in all of Greek mythology. He also gave his name to the Typhonian Order, a Thelemic magical order previously led by both Aleister Crowley and noted British occultist Kenneth Grant. It’s an apt title for the towering, sinuous track, and we’re thrilled to be presenting it below.

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